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Medical Vape Accessories  refer to a range of products designed for use with medical cannabis and medical vaporizers. These accessories can include items such as:

  1. Grinders: A device used to grind dried cannabis flower into a more manageable consistency for use with vaporizers or for making edibles.

  2. Storage containers: Airtight containers designed to keep medical cannabis fresh and protected from light, air, and moisture. 

  3. Vaporizer mouthpieces: A device that is attached to the vaporizer and serves as the point from which the user inhales the vapor.

  4. Bongs and bubblers: Water pipe attachments that can be used with vaporizers to cool and filter the vapor before inhaling.

  5. Smell proof bags: Bags designed to keep the scent of medical cannabis products contained and prevent it from escaping into the surrounding environment.

  6. Dosing Capsules: used to measure and contain precise doses of medical cannabis products for use with dry herb medical vaporizers. 

These accessories are designed to enhance the experience of using medical cannabis and make it easier and more convenient for patients to access the benefits of this medication.

It is important to note that medical cannabis and its accessories are regulated differently in different Australian States & Regions, and some products may not be available or legal in certain areas.

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