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A smell proof bag is a type of storage bag designed to keep the scent of vaporizer products contained and prevent it from escaping into the surrounding environment. These bags are typically made of odour-absorbing materials and feature airtight seals to keep odours from escaping.

Vaporizers and the products used with them can emit strong, recognizable scents that can linger in the environment. This can be a problem for users who wish to keep their vaporizer use discreet, or for those who don't want to be bothered by the smell. A smell proof bag can help to mitigate these issues by keeping the scent contained and preventing it from spreading.

Smell proof bags are typically designed for use with portable vaporizers and are small enough to fit in a pocket or backpack. Some bags also feature additional storage compartments for vaporizer accessories, making them a convenient and all-in-one solution for vaporizer users who want to keep their products organized and scent-free.

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