Paid Advertising Program

Instavape Australia Paid Advertising Program

This is where your business or brand can take centre stage on our platform, reaching our customer base of mobile users. Secure your spot now to maximise visibility and connect with our visitors across Australia and New Zealand.

Main Banner Spot: 1.

Prime Placement:  Top-Centre

Price:  $X/day - Enjoy unparalleled visibility as your brand takes the lead, capturing the attention of every visitor.

Secondary Scrolling Banner Spots:  4

Top-Left and Top-Right* - **Price:** $Y/day - Your brand will be prominently displayed, making a lasting impression on mobile users who engage with our content.

3. **Triple Threat:** *Mid-Left, Mid-Center, and Mid-Right* - **Price:** $Z/day - Achieve a balanced presence, ensuring that your brand is seen by a broad audience as they explore our home page.

**Program Highlights:** - **Exclusive Exposure:** Limited spots ensure your brand is not lost in the crowd, guaranteeing exclusivity and maximum impact. -

Mobile Devices:  Tailored for mobile users, our home page banner spots are strategically designed for optimal visibility and engagement.

Flexible Booking:** Choose the duration that suits your marketing strategy, whether it's a day, a week, or a month.

**How to Book:**

1. Select your preferred banner spot and duration.
2. Contact us at
3. Provide your creative for approval.
4. Confirm your booking and watch your brand shine on the Instavape Australia home page.