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Introducing the ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer – The latest 510 compatible battery vaporizer from Davinci.  Look no further than the ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer, an ingenious creation designed for your enjoyment with every puff.

Here's why the ARTIQ stands out from the crowd:

Sleek and Innovative Design: The ARTIQ boasts a sleek and modern design that conceals its chamber with an extended airpath. This clever setup reduces heat by up to 90%, ensuring cooler vapor for a more delightful experience.

Customised Temperature Control:

With three temperature settings (preheat, low, medium, high), you have the power to tailor your vaporization experience to perfection. Plus, haptic feedback ensures you get the ideal draw every time.

Convenience at Your Fingertips:

No need for extra accessories – everything you need comes in the box. From cleaning tools to extra magnetic collars and gasket seals, it's all there. And with pass-through charging via USB Type-C, you'll never be left without your ARTIQ.

Impressive Battery Life:

The ARTIQ's battery life is truly remarkable, providing around 500 draws from a single charge. Whether you're a frequent user or planning a trip, it's got you covered.

Performance Like No Other:

The ARTIQ's performance is unparalleled, consistently delivering cool vapour at an average temperature of 28°C. Say goodbye to overheating issues common with other devices. Plus, the four variable temperature modes mean you can customise your experience – whether you're chasing massive clouds or a more moderate session.

Safety and Convenience Combined:

The ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer adheres to the highest safety standards and convenience factors. It's heavy metals tested and Rohs certified, ensuring your peace of mind.

Artiq Features

  • Compatible with standard 510 cartridges
  • Elongated Airpath Reduces Vapour Heat by 90%
  • Fully Concealed Chamber 
  • 1 year Warranty

Artiq Modes  

  • 10 Second Preheat  
  • >Haptic Draw Feedback  
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • 3 Heat Modes  
  • USB Type-C charging cable 


  • Heat Up Time: 3 seconds
  • Battery: Type 760 mAH internal battery, rechargeable 
  • Communicaton: 1 light plus haptic feedback 
  • Capacity: Most 0.5g to 1.0g cartridges 
  • Safety: Heavy Metals Tested. Rohs Certified.  
  • Dimensions: 24mm x 42mm x 90mm 
  • Weight: 150g 
  • Warranty: 1 year 

    How to use Davinci Artiq

    Step 1: Charging

    - Before your first use, make sure your ARTIQ is fully charged. Connect the included USB Type-C cable to the device and a suitable power source. Allow it to charge until the battery is full. The device has pass-through charging, so you can use it while it's charging.

    Step 2: Preparing Your Cartridge

    - Ensure you have a standard 510 cartridge. Simply screw it onto the ARTIQ's connection point.

    Step 3: Power On/Off

    - To turn the device on or off, press the power button five times rapidly. You'll see a light indicator or receive haptic feedback to confirm the status.

    Step 4: Choosing the Temperature

    - The ARTIQ offers four temperature modes: - Preheat (1.8v) - Low (2.8v) - Medium (3.2v) - High (3.6v)- To select your desired temperature, press the power button three times rapidly. The device will indicate the current temperature setting.

    Step 5: Vaporization

    - Once your ARTIQ is powered on and at your preferred temperature, you're ready to vape. Simply inhale through the cartridge mouthpiece while holding down the power button. The haptic feedback will help you gauge the draw duration.

    Step 6: Maintenance

    - Regularly clean your cartridge and the device to maintain optimal performance. Use the included cleaning tools for this purpose.

    Step 7: Recharging

    -When your ARTIQ needs a recharge, simply connect the USB Type-C cable again and let it charge. The device's battery should last for around 500 draws on a single charge.

    Remember to always follow safety precautions and guidelines outlined in the user manual for the best experience with your ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer. Enjoy your vaping sessions responsibly!

    What's In The Box

    • 1X ARTIQ cartridge vaporizer 
    • 1X USB Type-C Cable 
    • Cleaning tools 
    • 2x extra magnetic collars 
    • 1x User Manual 

    Share additional product information such as usage instructions, sizing guides, etc.

    Share additional product information such as usage instructions, sizing guides, etc.