Mighty + Fine Mesh Screen Set 10 Pack (For Pharmacy Resale Only)

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Custom screen set For those who have a Crafty or Mighty or Mighty Plus Vaporizer, this fine mesh screens are a little more coarse than the Original screen set. Designed to help you enjoy a more refreshing vaping session. The liquid and oils provide you with an enjoyable experience. Not everyone has the time or desire to brush their screens or soak them in alcohol overnight. With these inexpensive screens, maintenance is a breeze. This set consists of six lower screens. This set works best with Mighty and Crafty Vaporizers but can also work well with other brands.

10 screens only 


  1. Mighty Medic
  2. Mighty
  3. Mighty Plus
  4. Crafty
  5. Crafty Plus
  6. Crafty+ C