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Why buy from us? Fast & Safe Shipping Options from Brisbane. Discrete Packaging is Standard.
Why buy from us? Fast & Safe Shipping Options from Brisbane. Discrete Packaging is Standard.

Utillian 2



  • Heat Technology
  • Display
  • Voltage Settings & Heat-up
    3.0V, 3.4V, 3.8V, 4.2V (10 Seconds)
  • Chamber Capacity
  • Battery Type & USB Connection
  • Product Dimensions
    H140mm D20mm
  • Product Weight

Fully magnetic design Designed to be seamless in operation and simple to operate, the mouthpiece, atomizer, and battery all click together perfectly without any problems.

4 voltage settings Cheap wax pen vaporizers for long have only had one temperature setting. This has been the biggest limiting factor and finally, we have an affordable device which gives you that versatility which used to be restricted to higher priced units. No more guesswork with pulsing buttons or other crude temperature control techniques, you can now get the results that you desire with a simple change of power output. No stress, no hassle, just simple performance.

Perfect pocket companion Wax pen vapes have been one of our favorite ways to bring extreme performance in a tiny package. The Utillian 2 is remarkably small, as you would expect a wax pen vaporizer. It fits perfectly in any pocket, bag, or purse you can think of. It takes up minimal space, weighs very little, and will go anywhere that you can! The magnetics are sturdy enough to not get dislodged when out and about.

650mAh battery Wax pen vaporizers are surprisingly efficient for their size. The Utillian 2 sports a 650mAh battery, which makes it ideal for all day use without needing to top up. With 650mAh of juice, you can expect between 50-100 hits off a single charge, which is more than enough for a whole weeks’ worth of use if you’re a moderate user. Need to charge up? Use the included USB charger and be back to full in under an hour!

  • 1x Utillian 2
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • Carry Case