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Free Shipping (AU Customers Only) on Dry Herb Vaporizers from Brisbane. Open 7 Days including Public Holidays
Free Shipping (AU Customers Only) on Dry Herb Vaporizers from Brisbane. Open 7 Days including Public Holidays

Wolkenkraft VapeMod CBD StarterKit

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SKU CBD-Vape Black
Color: Vape Mod (Black)

WOLKENKRAFT VAPEMOD Starter Kit  for CBD oils and CBD liquids

The WOLKENKRAFT VAPEMOD starter kit is intended for the vaporization of CBD oils and liquids. The WOLKENKRAFT VAPEMOD for CBD-Liquide and CBD-Oils convinces with attractive design, a high material quality and intelligent preheating function (Pre-Heat) to make the evaporation as efficient as possible. The cartridge is refillable at any time.


Installation instructions for the WOLKENKRAFT VAPEMOD:

1. Screw the magnetic adapter to the cartridge.
2. Insert the cartridge into the battery pack.
3. Press the button. Use the WOLKENKRAFT VAPEMOD when the light shines continuously.



1. Switching the VAPEMOD on and off: press the button 5x briefly within 2 seconds in succession. The device turns on or off.
2. Intelligent preheat function: press the button twice briefly and the device will start preheat mode. The red LED flashes slowly for 15 seconds if the key is not pressed again.
3. Evaporation: Press and hold the button to start evaporation. After 8 seconds, the LED flashes 6x in quick succession and no more steam is produced until the button is pressed again.
4. Control the voltage level (the temperature levels): press the button 3 times briefly to switch through the temperature levels; 2.6V (green), 3.3V (yellow), 4.1V (red).
5. If there is no cartridge in the device, the LED flashes 3x fast: 2.6V (green), 3.3V (yellow), 4.1V (red).
6. The battery is empty: the LED flashes red fast 8x and it is not possible to switch on the device.
7. Charging the battery: the LED indicates the battery charge status (green> 70%, yellow 30% – 70%, red <30%). The battery is fully charged when the LED is solid green.
8. The device only supports charging via “Micro-USB”. Use only the supplied micro USB cable. Do not try to charge the device with other cables.



  • for CBD oils and CBD liquids
  • Easy handling
  • 1.2 ml cartridge refillable
  • Adjustable voltage 2,6 – 4,1V
  • Voltage / temperature is signaled with the respective LED color


WOLKENKRAFT VAPEMOD Starter Kit Scope of delivery:

  • 1x 900 mAh battery
  • 1x 510 ‘magnet adjustment ring
  • 1x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1x manual in German and English



1x WOLKENKRAFT Vapemod only.