Defender Bubbler (14mm Female)

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Instavape Defender is a compact glass bubbler that uses innovative design that provides a surprising amount of vapour cooling.  It has a 14mm female joint that faces upwards and features a crown percolator with many tiny holes to filter and cool the smoke.

The Defender also has a dark purple orb sitting above the percolator, which disperses the bubbles produced by the percolator for additional cooling and defends against their escape through the mouthpiece.

When these elements work together, they create a symphony of small cooling bubbles that prevent water from reaching your mouth. Despite its small size, the Instavape Defender provides a full and rich vapour with significant cooling, similar to much larger rigs. With its cool design and cool vapour, the Defender delivers a satisfying smoking experience.



Standing at a sturdy 6” tall, 14mm female to female joint.

Vaporizer  not included.

Please Note: a water pipe adaptor(WPA) is required to connect this to your vaporizer