14mm Whip Adapter for Mighty+ and Crafty+ (For Pharmacy Resale Only)

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Have you ever wanted to try using your Mighty or Crafty or Plus models with your favorite bubbler? Now you can with the Water Pipe Adapter.

This adapter is designed to connect to the mouthpiece of your Mighty or Crafty and includes a 14mm male glass joint for easy attachment to a water bubbler. It's the best way to enjoy a smooth and cool hit from your vaporizer.

Unlike threaded adapters, which can cause damage to the case of your device if over-rotated, this water pipe adapter offers a secure and easy-to-use alternative. Say goodbye to the common issue of over-rotation and the resulting unrepairable damage to your device's case.

Upgrade your vaping experience and discover the benefits of using your Mighty or Crafty with a water filter. Try the Water Pipe Adapter today and enjoy a smoother and cooler hit every time.

What’s in the box: 
1 x Male whip adaptor with 14mm male connector.