Airvape Legacy Pro Compact Bubbler and Silicone Adapter

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Introducing the Legacy Pro Compact Glass Bubbler for AirVape Vaporizers!  Enhanced flavours and coolness for your AirVape vaporizers with this portable glass bubbler. The leak-proof silicone adapter, included in the package, securely connects the vape on one end and the bubbler on the other, ensuring a flawless experience.

Compact yet powerful, the bubbler's design integrates water-cooling into a portable form factor. Simply attach it with the adapter, and you're ready to enjoy pure and cool vapour wherever your AirVape takes you.

What's in the Box

- Compact Bubbler
- Silicone Adapter

Compatible with AirVape Legacy Pro and AirVape X: This glass bubbler is specifically designed for use with AirVape Legacy Pro and AirVape X, enhancing the vaping experience for both models.