Dynavap VonG Titanium (For Pharmacy Resale Only)

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Introducing the DynaVap VonG Titanium - the perfect manual vape for those looking to upgrade their vaping experience or start with one of the best vapes on the market. With its fully disassemble design and compatibility with other DynaVap parts, you can customize it to fit your unique personality and preference.

Designed for experienced manual vape users, the VonG  provides full control over the heating process and eliminates the need for batteries. Heating can be done with a torch lighter or induction heater, and with a quick heat-up time of less than ten seconds, you can enjoy your session almost instantly. The cap will click once the vaping temperature has been reached, indicating that it's time to start enjoying your vapour.

But the VonG is not just for experienced manual vape users. The innovative titanium bowl can hold up to 0.1 grams in the default position, and 0.05 grams in the micro-dose position, making it an excellent option for micro-dosing. With its quick reload capability, you can easily prolong your session and enjoy vaping for a longer period of time.

For those who prefer vaping concentrates, the VonG  can reach higher vaping temperatures and is easy to take apart for cleaning. However, it is recommended that you purchase and use the DynaCoil accessory to place the concentrate on instead of directly in the bowl.

Using the VonG is simple and straightforward. Just remove the cap, add your herbs to the bowl, re-attach the cap, heat the cap while rotating it until you hear a click, and enjoy the vapour either directly from the mouthpiece or through a water tool.

One of the unique features of the VonG is the air port located in the middle of the sleeve, which allows you to adjust the airflow during your session. You can turn the sleeve or cover the port with your finger to control the temperature and density of the vapour.

The VonG also boasts great water bubbler/bong compatibility. The tapered titanium mouthpiece allows for both 10mm and 14mm female connections, making it easy to connect to any water tool. The matte finish of the Titanium minimizes the risk of scratches on your glass, while water filtration cools and moistens the inhalation for a comfortable experience.

In conclusion, the DynaVap VonG Titanium is the perfect manual vape for anyone looking to upgrade their vaping experience or start with one of the best vapes on the market. With its fully disassemblable design, compatibility with other DynaVap parts, and great bubbler/bong compatibility, you can customise it to fit your unique preferences. Whether you are an experienced manual vape user or new to the world of manual vapes, the VonG is easy to use, simple to clean, and provides an exceptional vaping experience.


  • Length: 8.9cm.
  • Diameter: 1 cm.

How to use DynaVap VonG Titanium:

  1. Load the Dynavap VonG Titanium with your herb or concentrate.
  2. Lightly pack the material into the bowl or chamber of the device, making sure not to overpack it.
  3. Cover the bowl with the cap and adjust the airflow by adjusting the position of the carb hole. The carb hole is located on the side of the cap.
  4. Hold the Dynavap VonG Titanium with one hand and use the other hand to heat the cap with a torch lighter or an induction heater. Heat the cap until you hear or feel a click, which indicates that the device has reached the proper temperature for vaporization.
  5. Begin to inhale from the mouthpiece, while covering and uncovering the carb hole to adjust the airflow. You should start to feel the vapor in your mouth and lungs.
  6. Continue to inhale and heat the device until you have reached your desired level of vaporization.
  7. Once you are done, let the Dynavap VonG Titanium cool down before handling it again.

What’s in the Box:

  • Dynavap VonG Vaporizer
  • Recyclable packaging