Pax 3 Bubbler Attachment (2 Sizes: 14mm & 18mm)

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Available in 2 sizes 14mm or 18mm sold separately 

Bubbler Attachment (WPA) fits directly onto your Pax 2 or Pax 3. It is very easy to install on your device, you simply place the silicone ring around the top of your Pax 2/3, then place the unit into the glass adapter, and you're done! The silicone ring holds your device very securely into the adapter with a perfect seal. Once it's installed, you can use your Pax 2/3 with a water tool! Water conditioned vapor is cooler and it allows you to take larger hits, it's amazing what your device can do with one of these. Highly recommended for all Pax 2/3 owners.


Key Features:

    - Includes 1 silicone ring and 1 adapter
    - Available in 14mm or 18mm male size
    - Will work with any 14mm or 18mm female water piece
    - Silicone rings form a perfect air-tight seal
    - With the added water filtration, you can use higher temperatures on your Pax 2/3 for even bigger hits

    1 x PAX 3 Water pipe Adaptor only (Bubbler Attachment)