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Introducing the latest masterpiece from DynaVap, The WoodWynd. This innovative vaporizer model is designed to elevate your herbal experience to new heights with a set of remarkable features:

The Stem

Hourglass Shaped:  The stem of The WoodWynd boasts an elegant hourglass shape, both functional and visually appealing.
Padauk Hardwood:  Crafted from beautiful Padauk hardwood, this stem not only provides a natural, earthy aesthetic but also exceptional durability.
Stainless Steel Crowns:  The stem is adorned with stainless steel crowns, adding an extra touch of elegance and sturdiness.
Easy to Locate Airport:  The integrated airport is thoughtfully designed for user convenience, making it easy to locate and operate.
Oval Airport for Precision Airflow Control: The oval-shaped airport enables precise control over the airflow, allowing you to customise your vaporization experience to perfection. 


Mouthpiece Triple Helix:  The triple helix mouthpiece design ensures efficient and smooth vapor delivery.
O-Ringless Condenser:  The o-ringless condenser simplifies maintenance and enhances the overall cleanliness of your device.
Compatible with 10mm Water Piece (not tapered):  For those who prefer a water filtration system, The WoodWynd is compatible with 10mm water pieces, ensuring a smoother draw.

The Tip 

Helix Tip:  The helix tip is a striking feature, not just for its aesthetics but for its superior performance in distributing heat evenly.
Gold-Coloured Chamber:  The chamber is finished with a gold-coloured coating, adding an element of luxury while offering resistance to scratches.
Thicker Chamber Walls:  The thicker chamber walls contribute to better heat retention, ensuring your herbs are evenly vaporized.
Three Convection Ports: With three convection ports, The WoodWynd optimizes the convection heating method, delivering consistent and flavourful vapour.
Easy to Position CCD for Half-Bowl Micro-Dosing: Users can easily position a Conduction Concentrate Device (CCD) for precise, half-bowl micro-dosing.
Captive Tip:  The captive tip secures the assembly and prevents any accidental detachment.

The WoodWynd is the epitome of craftsmanship, blending elegance with functionality to offer a unique and refined vaping experience. Its combination of high-quality materials and intricate design details sets a new standard in the world of vaporizers. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of vaping, The WoodWynd is poised to impress with its exceptional performance and stunning aesthetics.

What’s in the box

1 x DynaVap WoodWynd


How to use The WoodWynd 

1. Preparation:  Ensure that The WoodWynd is clean and all components are properly assembled.
Fill the chamber with your dry herbs.

2. Assembly:
- Connect the stem and the tip if they are not already assembled.
- If using a water piece, make sure it's ready and properly attached to the stem.

3. Flame Adjustment:
- Adjust the flame of your torch lighter to a medium-sized flame. A butane torch lighter is recommended for consistent heating.

4. Heating the Tip:
- Hold The WoodWynd with the tip facing downwards.
- Apply the flame from your torch lighter to the lower end of the tip. Rotate the tip slowly to evenly heat it. You'll hear a clicking sound from the cap once it reaches the correct temperature.

5. Vaping: 
- Inhale slowly through the mouthpiece. You can cover and uncover the airport (oval hole) on the stem to control the airflow and adjust the vapour density according to your preference.
- As you draw, you'll feel the vapor being produced and enjoy the flavors from your dry herbs or concentrates.

6. Cool Down:
- After your session, allow The WoodWynd to cool down before disassembling or reloading. The tip and stem can get very hot during use.

7. Cleaning:
- Regularly clean your WoodWynd to maintain its performance. Remove and disassemble the tip, stem, and mouthpiece for a thorough cleaning. Use isopropyl alcohol and pipe cleaners or cotton swabs to clean the components.

8. Safety:
- Always handle the hot tip with care and avoid touching it immediately after use.
- Store your torch lighter safely, and keep it away from children and pets.

By following these steps, you can enjoy a personalized vaporization experience with The WoodWynd. Experiment with heating times and airflow control to find the perfect balance that suits your preferences. Remember that practice makes perfect, and you'll become more skilled at using this unique manual vaporizer over time.