Tinymight 2 | Medical Cannabis Vaporizer | Pharmacy Only

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Unlock the Healing Potential with Tinymight 2:

Attention Pharmacists,

Are you ready to elevate your patients' wellness journey to new heights? Introducing Tinymight 2, the ultimate solution for unlocking the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis. Crafted with precision and backed by science, Tinymight 2 is the portable convection vaporizer that patients have been waiting for.

If you wish to stock this device, please contact us to arrange your order. 

Attention Customers, 

Started from March 1st 2024, The TinyMight 2 can only be purchased from Australian Pharmacies. TGA rules specify that all vaporizers imported in Australia beyond 1st March 2024 can only be used for Medical Cannabis Only with a prescription. These devices cannot be lawfully used for Vaping Dry Herbs and Tobacco. 

Why Tinymight 2?

1. Medical Cannabis Benefits:  Tinymight 2 empowers patients to harness the full potential of medical cannabis for pain management, stress relief, sleep improvement, appetite stimulation, and more. With precise temperature control and efficient extraction, Tinymight 2 ensures optimal delivery of therapeutic compounds for targeted relief.

2. Versatility and Convenience:  Whether it's on-demand relief or a relaxing session, Tinymight 2 offers versatility to cater to patients' unique needs. Its adjustable chamber size and rapid heating capability make it the perfect companion for patients seeking fast-acting and discreet medication.

3. Premium Quality:  Crafted with premium materials and engineered for durability, Tinymight 2 exemplifies excellence in design and performance. From its American walnut wood body to its stainless steel heating system, Tinymight 2 is built to last, ensuring long-term satisfaction for patients and pharmacists alike.

Why Stock Tinymight 2?

1. Differentiate Your Pharmacy:  Stand out from the competition by offering cutting-edge solutions for holistic wellness. Tinymight 2 is the perfect addition to your pharmacy's product lineup, attracting discerning patients who demand the best in quality and efficacy.

2. Enhance Patient Care:  Empower your patients with access to innovative healthcare solutions that prioritise their well-being. By stocking Tinymight 2, you're not just selling a product – you can offer a  proven vaporizer that is extensively searched for online in Australia. 

3. Expand Your Revenue Stream:  Tap into the growing market for medical cannabis products and capitalise on the increasing demand for alternative therapies. With Tinymight 2, you have the opportunity to expand your revenue stream and position your pharmacy as a trusted provider of cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

Stock Tinymight 2 today and join the movement towards a healthier, happier future for all.

For wholesale inquiries, contact us now.Ultimate Guide to Tinymight 2

How to use TinyMight 2

1. Load & Adjust:  Load your medical cannabis into the adjustable chamber of the Tinymight 2. Customise the chamber size to your liking for optimal dosage control.

2. Set Temperature: Turn the analog temperature dial on the bottom of the device to your desired temperature. Choose from a wide range between 140°C to 250°C, ensuring a personalized vaping experience. In

3. Power On:  Triple-click the power button to activate the device. Feel the vibration indicating it's ready for use.

4. Inhale & Enjoy:  Press and hold the button while inhaling from the mouthpiece. Experience flavourful vapour in seconds, thanks to Tinymight 2's powerful convection heating system.

5. Clear & Repeat:  Release the button and continue inhaling to clear the vapour path. Enjoy the smooth and satisfying vapour with each session.

6. Power Off:  Triple-click the power button again to turn off the device. Or repeat steps 3-5 until your medical cannabis is fully vaporized.


- Dimensions: 6.1 × 3.7 × 8.8 cm
- Weight: 186 g
- Heating: Convection
- Heat-Up Time: Less than 10 seconds
- Battery: 18650
- Temperature Range: 140°C to 250°C
- Manufacturer: Tinymight
- Warranty: 3 years
- Origin: Finland

What's in the Box:

- Tinymight 2 vaporizer
- Dosing capsule
- Glass mouthpiece (55 mm)
- Titanium mouthpiece (80 mm)
- 18650 battery
- USB-C charging cable
- Spare screens
- Spare O-rings
- Carrying pouch
- Instruction manual