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Introducing the XMax V3 Pro - The Ultimate Portable Vape for Herb and Concentrate enthusiasts. Are you looking for a price-friendly, highly portable, and discreet vape that can vaporize herbs and concentrates? Look no further than the XMax V3 Pro, designed by XMax to meet the needs of herb and concentrate enthusiasts on-the-go.

Portable and Discreet Design

The XMax V3 Pro is designed with a slim, compact, and lightweight body that makes it easy to carry in your pocket or bag. Its discreet look allows you to use it anytime, anywhere without drawing unwanted attention.

Versatile and Efficient Vaping

One of the most significant advantages of the XMax V3 Pro is its ability to vaporize both herbs and concentrates. The full convection heating system ensures that heat is applied to the material through hot air, delivering a better flavor, more evenly vaped material, and more vapor than conduction vapes. Moreover, the XMax V3 Pro has a fast heat-up time, allowing you to vape in just 15 seconds.

On-demand Convection

The XMax V3 Pro comes with a new on-demand mode that only heats the herbs/concentrates for 30 seconds at a time, reducing waste and saving your material. Additionally, you can use the session mode for 4 or 6 minutes if you prefer the oven to stay heated.

Precise Temperature Control

The XMax V3 Pro gives you full control over temperature with a range of 100 to 220°C and 1°C precision. Choose temperatures under 200°C for smooth, flavourful vapour or higher temperatures for potent vapour with less flavour.

Concentrate Compatibility

The XMax V3 Pro comes with a wax cup that allows you to vape concentrates like waxes and oils. Simply add your concentrate to the cup, insert the cup into the vape, and you're ready to go. Note that when using concentrates in a vaporizer, you need to use higher temperatures than when vaping herbs.

Innovative Mouthpiece

The XMax V3 Pro features a magnetic mouthpiece that includes a scraping tool for easy cleaning and stirring. The heat-resistant plastic mouthpiece is disassembled and deep cleaned to prevent residue build-up.

Amazing Battery Life and USB-C Charging

The XMax V3 Pro comes with a high-quality rechargeable, removable 18650 battery that provides about 50 minutes of use per charge. Additionally, the device now has a USB-C charging port that fully charges the battery in about two hours from being completely discharged.

High-Quality Construction

The XMax V3 Pro has an aluminium casing that ensures that it is comfortable to hold and does not get too hot. It also features a ceramic heating chamber for better taste and precise temperature control to allow you to experiment with different temperatures.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the XMax V3 Pro after use is a breeze. Simply brush off the stainless-steel bowl and screens. If there is any residue left, remove it with a cotton swab with some alcohol on it. You can also remove the ceramic and stainless-steel vapour path to fully clean if residue gets stuck after using it for a long time.

XMax V2 Pro vs. XMax V3 Pro

Compared to the XMax V2 Pro, the XMax V3 Pro is smaller in size and chamber capacity but still large enough for one session (0.15 g). The convection heating system shortens the heating time by 80%, delivering more of your herbs.


In conclusion, the XMax V3 Pro is a versatile, efficient, and budget-friendly vaporizer designed for herb and concentrate lovers on-the-go. Its portability, discreet design, and precise temperature control make it an excellent choice. 


  • Aluminum Unibody Construction
  • Fast 15 Second Heat Up Time
  • Convection Hot Air Heating Technology
  • Precision Digital Temperature Control from 100°C to 220°C
  • On-Demand Mode Delivers Instant Vapor at the Press of a Button
  • Session Mode Delivers Continuous Vapor for 4-6 Minutes
  • Dual-Use For Dry Herb & Concentrates
  • Isolated, Easily Cleanable Vapor Path made of Ceramic and Stainless Steel
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece with Built-In Scraper Tool
  • User Replaceable 18650 Battery
  • USB-C Charging
  • Large OLED Screen Displays Temperature, Timer and Battery Information
  • Bowl fits 0.15 Grams of Material

How to use XMax V3 Pro:

  1. Charge the battery: Before using your XMax V3 Pro for the first time, it is recommended that you charge the battery fully. Use the included USB-C cable to connect the vaporizer to a power source, and wait for the battery to charge fully.

  2. Grind your herbs: Use a grinder to grind your herbs to a fine consistency. This will ensure that the herbs are evenly heated and produce the best vapour.

  3. Load the chamber: Remove the mouthpiece from the vaporizer to reveal the heating chamber. Use the included packing tool to load the chamber with your ground herbs or concentrate. Be sure not to overpack the chamber, as this may affect the airflow.

  4. Turn on the vaporizer: Press the power button five times rapidly to turn on the vaporizer. The OLED display will show the current temperature and battery level.

  5. Set the temperature: Press the up or down button to select your desired temperature. The temperature can be set anywhere between 100°C and 220°C with a 1°C precision. The device will automatically start heating to your selected temperature.

  6. Vape: Once the vaporizer has reached the selected temperature, take a slow, steady draw from the mouthpiece. Enjoy the smooth, flavorful vapor that the XMax V3 Pro produces.

  7. Clean: After use, brush off the stainless-steel bowl and screens. If there is any residue left you can remove it with a cotton swab with some alcohol on it. You can also remove the ceramic and stainless-steel vapor path to fully clean if residue gets stuck in it after using it for a long time.

XMax V3 Pro also has two modes of operation: on-demand and session mode. In on-demand mode, the vaporizer heats the herbs or concentrates for 30 seconds at a time, reducing waste and preserving battery life. In session mode, the vaporizer heats the chamber for 4 or 6 minutes, depending on your selection.

What’s in the Box:

1 x XMax V3 Pro vaporizer
1 x Concentrate Cup
1 x USB-C cable
1 x Cleaning brush
4 x Alcohol cotton pads
3 x Cotton swabs
1 x Instruction manual