YLL Induction Heater 2.0 for Dynavap (For Pharmacy Resale Only)

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The Yll induction 2.0 heater is the smartest and most portable induction heater to use with your favourite DynaVap piece. It meets all of your needs to choose your own favourite setting.

The Yllvape IH -Temp Control Induction Heater, is a portable induction heater for DynaVap VapCaps. There are no more unpleasant surprises with this induction heater, thanks to the precise temperature control, it's not unlike using a decent electronic vaporizer. Dial it in and find the sweet spot with this versatile device. Often heaters are too slow to heat too hot, or too rapid, the fact that you can adjust the Temperature and the Voltage (Power) is a huge bonus and makes this unique New Generation Portable Induction Heater highly desirable to all DynaVap VapCap users.

It has a Session Counter on the OLED display. You can easily switch between 2 different modes by double-clicking the middle button. Flick between Temperature Mode (Up & Down in Temp) in degrees C or F and Power Mode (Up & Down in Watts) and experiment with them until you find the perfect configuration for you and your DynaVap in each of the 2 modes.

The YLL-IH has a very accurate temperature sensor where the DynaVap Tip & Cap contacts the device in the oven. If your cap isn't clicking using Temp Mode try increasing the Temp about 5 degrees at a time until you get that magic Click that all DynaVap users know so well, or if in Power Mode just increase the watts. There are so many different ways to use the YLL-IH and it's not at all complicated, we highly recommend it for all DynaVap users new and experienced.


Power Range of 30W to 70W. (Using Power Mode).
Temperature Range from 100° C to 230° C.
Size: 109mm x 63mm x 24mm, full metal aluminium shell.
Hidden Cooling Magnet, (under Yllvape Logo on top lid).
OLED Display with 3 selector buttons.
Session Counter.
16-Second Heating Limiter.
Charging by USB-C, (Fast Charging).

Batteries not included. 

Very simple to use, perfect for all DynaVap users new or experienced!



2 x 18650 Batteries included 

11.5mm induction heater insert for dynavap included