Mighty+ Plus Stand | Silicone Case (For Pharmacy Resale Only)

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The Mighty+ Stand silicone case  features a flat bottom, which enables the Mighty+ to stand upright without using the Mighty+ stand, At the same time, it provides protection to your vaporizer against shocks and mechanical damage, for instance, when falling.The Mighty Mask also guarantees thermal insulation, protecting the user’s hands from the heat emitted by the vaporizer.

Top quality

The Mighty+ Stand silicone case is made of top quality matte medical-grade silicone and it adheres to the vaporizer very tightly. All the buttons have been accurately reproduced, allowing the vaporizer to remain fully functional while in the case. The quality of workmanship of this accessory is stunning, as well as its subtle and stylish design. The cut-outs in the case allow you to charge the battery and remove the dry herb tool without removing the vaporiser from the case.

Our recommendation!

The silicone stand case is an accessory that we strongly recommend to all users of the Mighty+ vaporizer – it provides adequate protection against damage, looks great and enables the vaporizer to comfortably stand upright, solving one of the biggest pain points of the Mighty. You should definitely get your Mighty+ such a gift!