Fury Edge Accessories

Healthy Rips USA is a popular brand from America that offers a range of popular products designed for use with dried herbs and concentrates. This brand offers the Fury Edge SE & Rogue SE, as well as a range of accessories to complement and enhance the vaping experience. Some of the most popular Healthy Rips vaporizer accessories include:

  1. Mouthpieces: Healthy Rips offers a variety of replacement mouthpieces for their vaporizers, including options with different materials and shapes for a comfortable fit.

  2. Screens: Healthy Rips offers replacement screens for their vaporizers, ensuring that they continue to function correctly and efficiently over time.

  3. Batteries: Healthy Rips offers replacement batteries for their portable vaporizers, ensuring that they remain powered and ready for use on-the-go.

  4. Chargers: Healthy Rips offers charging cables and other accessories to keep their vaporizers powered and ready for use.

  5. Water pipe adapters: Healthy Rips offers water pipe adapters that allow their vaporizers to be used with bongs and bubblers, enhancing the vaping experience and providing an extra layer of filtration and cooling.

  6. Cases: Healthy Rips offers protective cases for their portable vaporizers, helping to keep them safe and protected when not in use.


Please note:  In accordance with the latest Australian laws governing therapeutic cannabis vaporizers, it is imperative to use this product exclusively with authorised therapeutic cannabis vaporizers. This directive reflects a commitment to compliance, safety, and responsible usage within the context of medicinal cannabis administration.

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