Pharmacy Wholesale Supplier of MEGA Globe® Range

MEGA Globe® is a glass water pipe attachment that can be used with your vaporizer to cool and filter the vapour before inhaling. Mega globe bubblers are typically larger than traditional bubblers and feature a clear, spherical chamber that allows the user to see the vapour as it is being filtered through the water.

MEGA Globe® works by filling the water chamber with water, which the vapour then passes through before reaching the user's mouth. The water helps to cool and filter the hot vapour, removing any impurities and providing a smoother, cooler, and more enjoyable inhale.

MEGA Globe® range of bubblers are very popular with our customers due to their aesthetic appeal and ability to provide a high-quality vaping experience. They are typically made from glass and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the vaporizer they are designed for. Some MEGA Globe bubblers also feature percolators, which are small diffusion chambers within the bubbler that help to further cool and filter the vapour.

Using the MEGA Globe® with a vaporizer can greatly improve the overall vaping experience, providing a smoother, cooler, and more enjoyable inhale. However, it is important to use a bubbler that is specifically designed for your various and to regularly clean the bubbler to ensure that it continues to function correctly.


Please note:  In accordance with the latest Australian laws governing therapeutic cannabis vaporizers, it is imperative to use this product exclusively with authorised therapeutic cannabis vaporizers. This directive reflects a commitment to compliance, safety, and responsible usage within the context of medicinal cannabis administration.


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