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Introducing the RYOT VERB 510 Vaporizer: The Portable 510 Battery Experience!
Discover the all-new RYOT VERB 510 Vaporizer, designed to excite your vaping sessions with an array of features tailored to your preferences. From customisable power modes to universal compatibility, this vaporizer offers a range of benefits to elevate your vaping experience. Crafted with durability and convenience in mind, the RYOT VERB 510 Vaporizer is your gateway to seamless and satisfying vaping. Explore its features and the advantages it brings to your vaping journey:

1. Customisable Power Modes: Enjoy high, medium, and low power settings, along with a pre-heat function, to cater to your unique style.

2. User-Friendly Design:  The 5-click on/off feature ensures ease of use and safety, making operation straightforward and secure, even for beginners.

3. Universal Compatibility:  Equipped with magnetic adapters, the vaporizer accommodates almost all 510 threaded cartridges, eliminating compatibility concerns.

4. Convenient Portability:  Designed with a snap-closed lid, the vaporizer offers discreet transport and cartridge protection, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

5. Size Compatibility:  The device accommodates cartridges up to 65mm in total height, accommodating a variety of cartridge sizes for a versatile experience.

6.  Durable Construction:  Crafted from robust plastic shell material, the vaporizer guarantees longevity and resilience for extended use.

7. Adjustable Output Voltage:  Select from low (3.0V), medium (3.4V), or high (3.8V) output voltages to customise your vaping experience.

8. Long Battery Life: With a 650mAH battery capacity, the vaporizer ensures extended vaping sessions without frequent recharging.

9. Adaptor Options:  Includes both a (4.6mm) short magnetic adaptor for 0.5ml tanks and a (14.5mm) medium magnetic adaptor for most 1ml tanks.

What to expect from RYOT Verb

1. Tailored Vaping:  Experience vaping sessions tailored to your liking with multiple power modes and a pre-heat function, delivering the hits you desire.

2. Easy and Safe Operation:  The 5-click on/off feature simplifies usage and enhances safety, making it beginner-friendly and preventing accidental activation.

3. Versatile Compatibility:  Universal magnetic adapters allow seamless switching between different 510 threaded cartridges, expanding your vaping possibilities.

4. Portability and Discretion:  The snap-closed lid design protects cartridges during transport and maintains discreet vaping, ideal for those on the move.

5. Size Flexibility:  The RYOY Verb’s ability to accommodate cartridges of varying heights provides versatility, ensuring compatibility with your preferred cartridges.

6. Robust and Long-Lasting: Verb is assembled from durable plastic, the Verb ensures longevity, guaranteeing consistent performance over time.

7. Personalised Experience:   Adjust the output voltage to your preference, fine-tuning your vaping intensity according to your taste.

8. Extended Usage:  The high-capacity battery minimises interruptions, allowing for prolonged vaping sessions without frequent charging.

9. Adaptor Convenience:  Included adaptors make it easy to use both 0.5ml and 1ml tanks, ensuring compatibility with a range of cartridges.


  • Dimensions: 76mm x 40mm x 16mm
  • Resistance: Above 0.8ohms
  • Output Voltage: Low 3.0V / Medium 3.4V /  High 3.8V
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAH
  • Fits 0.5ml Tanks with Medium Magnetic Adapter
  • Fits Most 1ml Tanks with Short Magnetic Adapter


  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

How to use RYOT VERB

Getting started with the RYOT VERB 510 Vaporizer is easy! Follow these steps to enjoy a seamless and satisfying vaping experience:


1. Preparation

- Ensure your RYOT VERB 510 Vaporizer is fully charged. Use the provided Micro USB Charging Cable to connect it to a power source.
- Check that your preferred cartridge is compatible with the vaporizer's size specifications (up to 65mm in total height and 11.8mm in diameter).

2. Attaching the Cartridge

- Choose the appropriate magnetic adaptor (Short Magnetic Adaptor for 0.5ml tanks or Medium Magnetic Adaptor for 1ml tanks) that matches the size of your cartridge.
- Gently screw the cartridge onto the magnetic adaptor.

3. Turning On/Off

- To turn on the vaporizer, quickly press the power button 5 times in succession. The LED indicator will illuminate, indicating that the device is active.
- To turn off the vaporizer, press the power button 5 times again. The LED indicator will turn off.

4. Selecting Power Modes

- Press the power button three times rapidly to cycle through the available power modes: Low (3.0V), Medium (3.4V), and High (3.8V). The LED indicator will change to indicate the selected mode.

5. Pre-Heating

- To use the pre-heat function, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. The device will enter pre-heat mode, indicated by the LED flashing. This is particularly useful for priming your cartridge before vaping.

6. Vaping

- Once your desired power mode and pre-heat are selected, inhale gently from the mouthpiece of the cartridge. The device will activate and deliver vapour.

7. Transport and Storage

- After use, snap the lid closed to protect the cartridge and ensure discreet transport.

8. Charging

When the battery is low, connect the Micro USB Charging Cable to the vaporizer and a power source to recharge. The LED indicator will show the charging progress.

Remember, safety is key. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations. Enjoy your experience with the RYOT VERB

What’s in the box

  • RYOT VERB 510 Vaporizer
  • 1 Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 4.6mm Short Magnetic Adapter
  • 14.5mm Medium Magnetic Adapter
  • Oil Cartridge NOT INCLUDED

Please Note:  
The VERB 510 is compatible with all 510 threaded cartridges, provided they have a diameter of less than 11mm. It's important to consider that longer cartridges might pose challenges when closing the top.

For optimal performance, we recommend using certified and reputable brands that employ the CCELL cartridge, specifically the **TH2** or **M6T Models**, as they deliver exceptional results.

Share additional product information such as usage instructions, sizing guides, etc.

Share additional product information such as usage instructions, sizing guides, etc.